Bacteria Water: Could it be the next great frontier for Gatorade?

The bottled beverage market is a massive billion dollar industry.  But what would happen if we figured out a way to put modified bacteria that expressed factors known to inhibit weight gain and thwart metabolic disorders into beverages? Imagine, Bacterioade from the makers of Gatorade.  Guaranteed to rehydrate you while it fills your intestines with biosynthesized bacteria known to decrease appetite and help you lose weight. 

Research published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation last year showed that by putting genetically modified E. coli Nissle 1917 bacteria into the drinking water of obese mice for eight weeks researchers could reduce their fat, lower their food intake, and decrease their insulin resistance even while they were fed a high fat diet!  What was even better is the results were sustained for six weeks after the study concluded.  The E. coli bacteria had been genetically modified to produce a naturally occurring lipid called a NAPE which is known to have potent appetite suppressing effects.

Imagine the surge in McDonalds stock when people can head up to the counter for a value meal and order a Bacterioade so they don’t have to worry about weight gain.  Hooray for science!  

Chen et al, 2014: Incorporation of therapeutically modified bacteria into gut microbiota inhibits obesity.  The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 124(8): 3391-3406.