Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.
— William Faulkner, Author

Content Distribution

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Our Three Areas of Focus

1. Uplift

Success is not found at an award ceremony.  Success is found when no one is watching in the hard work that occurs before the awards are handed out.  This preparation time is essential but exhausting.  Even the best among us can use a little uplifting during the struggle.  Here you will find sources that inspire and ignite your personal quest. 



2. Empower

Navigating new terrain is always challenging.  Attempting something new without proper instruction and preparation, however, will waste time or even become dangerous.  We seek to empower you with scientifically validated methodologies that will help you conquer your biggest challenges.     



3. Expose

The health and fitness industry is full of myths and misinformation.  This faulty information handcuffs people enticing them to attempt short cuts and quick fixes.  Until we are able to understand truth we will continue to waste time on unsustainable strategies and unfounded information.  Here you will find answers to many common fitness and nutrition myths along with information to guide you in making well informed decisions regarding your specific program.